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About Me

I too was looking...

…looking for myself and for a way to change the world and help people.

I was interested in the bigger picture and started studying biology. I wanted to learn more about nature, animals and the human body. How everything works, down to the interaction of the smallest parts of the body, the enzymes and last but not least the molecules of the DNA.

I studied genetics because I saw the greatest potential for change in them. I learned how sensitive the balance in the body is and how little we still know about it. And I also learned that much of what we believe to be scientifically proven can be disproved tomorrow. I wrote my diploma thesis in immunology and dealt with autoimmune diseases.


After that, I worked in medical research in Erlangen during my doctoral thesis, with a focus on muscular dystrophy and breakdown of muscle cells.

I found the medical and genetic approach to diseases fascinating, but over time I found it grating. Even if the symptoms initially disappear, they often come back at some point or the patient often has to reckon with lifelong side effects from medication.

Here you can find my article in the “Journal of Biological Chemistry”.

At some point I thought that there must be other ways of healing that are more in line with the natural processes in the body, instead of fighting the body invasively.

So I began to evolve from the microcosm back to the macrocosm. From the small back to the big picture.

I wanted to know more about the causes of diseases than just treating symptoms. So I began to doubt more and more that modern medicine was still the right path for me, but I didn't know where to go.

Then, in autumn 2000, I had an extraordinary encounter that was to change my life fundamentally


I met an angel, a real tangible heavenly messenger.

This angel manifested in my living room, an experience that cannot be adequately described in words. And I'm not talking about a daring figure of light here, but about a being with a physical body, ... so to speak, an angel you can touch.

The angel said to me: “You have gone astray, this is not your way. Let me help you".

And so he began to teach me about the laws of this reality, about the nature of the physical body, about the manifestation of the spirit, about the dimensions of this world, about where I come from and who I am, about my abilities, which are important unfold and of my task in this world.


He taught me for three years of coming and going, but that's a story I'll tell elsewhere.

Suffice to say, it was wonderful and scary at the same time, because my understanding of our world was completely turned upside down.

It was as if someone was pulling my life out from under my feet like a beautifully woven rug, and underneath was nothing but infinity and free fall. And I'm still falling today...some call it freedom, creativity or the state of awakening.

Nothing can be hidden in the presence of an angel, no feeling or thought. It is as if any flaws one has become apparent as stains on a white robe in the presence of such a light. And yet I was always surrounded by an incredible feeling of love, trust and security.

When the angel left after three years, he said:

"I will come back, but in the meantime it is important that you continue on your path of education. Pay attention to my signs".

From then on he showed me the way and showed me what the next steps were for me by always sending me a clearly recognizable sign.


And so I began studying "Spiritual Psychology" at a wonderful private university in California.

The basis of this training is the fact that we all have a soul and are here on earth to learn in the "school of life".


Everything that happens in our life has to do with our very personal life lessons. When we learn to understand these lessons, then we can take ownership of our lives again and manifest whatever we desire.

I learned a lot about the psychosomatic and karmic causes of diseases and how to heal them on an emotional level. A lot of what I was now learning to use practically were things that my angel had shown me before. But now I really understood. So my knowledge deepened.


Another important step in my education was to follow my call to the Andes of Peru. A wonderful, magical and incredible journey where I met my first shamanic teacher. Or as he said himself: "I let myself be found."


Although I didn't know his language, he spoke to me like my angel, with the language of the heart. He said to me: “I know why you came and what you are looking for. I called you". And of all I had learned before, this was the most wonderful, amazing, and powerful way to heal.


He taught me to walk between worlds and dimensions. He sent me on a pilgrimage to the keepers of all knowledge, the mountain creatures, to learn to speak with them themselves. I began to see the energetic bodies of all beings and learned to speak to their souls.

I finally felt at home.

But this was just the beginning of a series of teachers I had the privilege of meeting. It started to come full circle for me, and everything I had learned made sense.


I had learned about the physical body, I had learned about the human psyche and its causes of disease and now I am learning more and more about the energetic bodies of humans.


The deeper reason and cause for all things in our lives is found in these "higher" energetic bodies. Therein lies the key to changing our world and helping ourselves and others.

The path of the shaman is not an easy path, but a path of incredible beauty and depth. I am so grateful that I can walk this path and that I can pass on some of the knowledge that was passed on to me. 


"Shaman" is a temporary term I use to make it easier for people to understand my work. In the Andean tradition, I am a "Paq'o" (healer) or "Pampamesayok" (keeper of the earth). And the journey is not over yet...

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