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The Revolutionary High Frequency Formula To Quickly Unlock Your Highest Potential & Create The Life Of Your Dreams 

Without Losing Yourself In The Process


Transformational 12 Week Program

  • 10 exceptional gifted, high frequency visionaries with a calling to change the world to the better.

  • Feminine approach to leadership, for heart-centered and creative. entrepreneurs and visionaries that want to bring their gifts into the world.

  • Spiritual courses for the children of the future to awaken and strengthen their extraordinary gifts.

What’s Included:

This is without a doubt the most hands-on transformational healing journey in the world to quickly create the life of your dreams using the most cutting edge spiritual techniques not commonly used by the masses. 

When combined with support & guidance from one of the most sought after Shamans & "Spiritual Psychologists" in modern times, you can be sure that tremendous success and abundance is inevitable.

Complete Access To My Proprietary Spiritual Healing Platform


Here you can access everything you’ll ever need to quickly get unstuck and move forward fast while removing ALL resistance & fear. 

Simply follow my Proven Spiritual Healing Blueprint and you will take yourself at rapid speed to the life of your dreams and recharge your energy to levels you’ve never experienced before.

Whether it’s removing self limiting beliefs, healing yourself from past trauma, or opening your heart to receive abundance in all areas of your life…

EVERYTHING is in here for you to follow step by step. The training & guidance found inside is 100% proven based on over 20 years of study and helping others just like you achieve true success in their life without the fear of being judged by others.

12 x LIVE Group Spiritual Coaching Sessions With Me


Join me every single week for an intimate LIVE coaching class where you receive close 1-1 support in a small group setting and clear step by step guidance on anything you need help with alongside providing a safe space alongside other High Frequency Women.  

You also get to ask me questions where I offer very clear advice and high level coaching to make sure you leave the call energised, recharged and have crystal clarity on exactly what to do next to move forward with confidence and achieve your goals. 

Never feel lost or alone again as you’ll also be on the call with other like-minded Women who are all on the same path as you. It’s a perfect opportunity to be fully supported in the presence of other inspiring.A blissful combination for spiritual growth, friendship and transformation. 

Full Access To My Exclusive Tried & Tested “Magic Templates” 


20 +

20 Years PLUS experience putting these together so you can shortcut your success and start using these right away and not have to guess anything as it’s all covered.

Including all of my step by step meditations that you can use on demand anytime you need, to heal and supercharge your body & mind. Have instant access to the necessary tools to help yourself operate at the highest frequency no matter what the day throws at you.   

You can use these proven templates to quickly create “complete synchronicity” in every area of your life and begin unconsciuosly activating your success, just by following what’s proven to work. It’s all in here for you to use whenever you need. 

They will help you quickly remove old traumas, eliminate hidden blocks and raise your frequency to new heights so you can start attracting everything you desire like Magic!

Access To The Exclusive Spiritual Mastermind  Community

  • You’ll also become a member of one of the best communities out there surrounded by other Women who all share the same vision. 

  • You’ll start creating your own tribe of like-minded women that encourage you to dream big so you’re always feeling inspired and supported every single step of the way.

  • This community is used for forging long lasting friendships and asking questions so you always have a place to get help. If you fall off track, this group brings you right back to centre faster than anything else out there. 

  • Preserve your valuable energy inside this ultimate 360 support channel around other high frequency Women who all empower and inspire each other on a daily basis.  You can Share wins, celebrate successes and always have a place to feel belonging around the right people who don’t drain your energy but add power to it. 

...Value: Priceless

Women meditating
Helping Hand

Your Personal Bespoke Spiritual Orientation Call 

Join Irina and the other high energy Women who are all embarking on the same journey RIGHT FROM THE START. Here,  you’ll get a FULL Journey Orientation call with Irina and the other highly committed Women in the program. It’s the perfect start to your new adventure that makes everyone in attendance feel empowered, safe and inspired to take BIG ACTION immediately after the call!

But Wait!

There's More!

Image by Rui Xu


Bonus #1:

A Once In A Lifetime Private Shamanic Energy Session

  • You‘ll get a personal, intimate 60-minute shamanic healing session with Irina, specifically tailored to your individual needs, assisting you in releasing your own blocks and patterns that keep you from moving forward.

  • We will start removing EVERYTHING that stands in your way including any money blocks, self worth issues or fears of failure & success so your body is “primed” for success & happiness.

  • This way you can hit the ground running free from any blocks and become a SUCCESS MAGNET right from the start, accelerating your growth & happiness faster than you ever thought possible.

Value $3000

Image by Dingzeyu Li

Bonus #2:

A 1-1 Energy Chakra Diagnostic Call

  • We will be spending 60 minutes looking very specifically at your energy field to pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back and what you need to do to quickly remove it. 

  • You‘ll get an extremely tailored action plan to follow step by step that allows you to focus fully on what needs to be done. This is 100% personal to you as an individual which allows you to see exceptional results within the first week.  

Value $3000

Image by Sean Stratton

Bonus #3:

How To Unplug From “The Modern Day Matrix” And Unlock Your Hidden SuperPowers

  • We will be taking a deep dive into the “hidden seals” that limit your spiritual abilities and higher potentials and how to quickly remove them from your physical body so you start to automatically attract everything your heart desires.  

  • We will gently and slowly start expanding your energy field to new levels so you emit the highest frequency which opens you up to unlimited possibility!

  • You will develop the “untapped superpower” to begin naturally healing your body and start unlocking other hidden abilities  you never knew existed so that miracles now become possible for you.

Value $3000

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