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Deep Transformation with Irina Dittert

Meet Irina

Shaman / Paq'o Healer & Female Leadership Mentor

The path of the shaman is not an easy path, but a path of incredible beauty and depth. I am so grateful that I can walk this path and that I can pass on some of the knowledge that was passed on to me. 


"Shaman" is a temporary term I use to make it easier for people to understand my work. In the Andean tradition, I am a "Paq'o" (healer) or "Pampamesayok" (keeper of the earth). And the journey is not over yet...​

I was interested in the bigger picture and started studying biology. I wanted to learn more about nature, animals and the human body.


How everything works, down to the interaction of the smallest parts of the body, the enzymes and last but not least the molecules of the DNA.


What I Specialize In

Shamanic Healing

Alternative Childbirth

Gifted Children

Leadership Mentoring


Change is a Decision!

We are the new visionaries, that will change the world to the better! I invite you, to be a true Vision-preneur:

“You can't choose the right teacher, you have to find the right teacher. And that's how it was for me when I found the page of  Irina Dittert.”

- Mike Hollinger

“ Under the guidance of Irina, I embarked on a journey to myself. I got to know myself in the first place. I found that I had spent most of my life in a trance, completely unaware of who I was and what I wanted out of life”

- Ferjana

“Destiny By Design was many times more intensive, profound, technically competent than anything I had done in this area experienced so far. In addition, Irina was carried by great cordiality.”

- Udo

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